Nearly a swim stop, nearly

10-12 00:30

Nearly a swim stop, maybe we saw a seal and almost sailed for 2 hours To bad, we are under engine again. This afternoon was a afternoon of many nearly’s and maybe’s. It looked promising, a breeze picked up that we had not seen on the weather forecast and as we turned of the engine, we set the mainsail and nr 1 jib, doing about 6 knots under sail! What a relieve. Silence for a few hours and as the waves had calmed down, it was really pleasant on deck. I even took out a big Cuban sun hat, as there were hardly any clouds.

But then the wind died out again. Leaving us doing 2 knots, were we knew we were in a hurry to make south before this next frontal passage comes over. The sails started to lose the wind in the waves again, take them down? short swim stop? But the waves were still to strong and coming from two different directions, making it unsafe to swim next to a hull coming out of the water and rocking up and down on the waves. So no swim stop. Although the water colour is amazing, such blue! It is almost like a tiled swim pool colour where you suspect they put something in the water to make it this bright.

We continued under engine and then saw something in the water. There was a small black round shape, that seemed to come up behind us and as we kept on going we thought it might have been seal. Maybe.  If it was, it would have been the first big live form we have seen so far. We have seen some petrels, a shearwater and a few fly fish, but other then that, it has been quiet.

On board all is well. But I think we are all ready to stop the engine and start sailing by now!

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