We left Stanley but did not leave the Falklands

We left Stanley but did not leave the Falklands
We set out this afternoon
with two new guests on board and 3 of our group around the horn less. One is
sailing to Ushuaia as we speak the other two will stay on the Falklands a little
longer. We left Stanley, waved at the Europa and saw two figures (we knew all to
well) on the right side of the narrow waving frantically as we passed through.
We headed out, set most of our sails but just had to wait a bit before setting
the jib, as there wasn’t room enough to go down wind in the beginning. Stanley
slowly disappeared and dark skies with rolling clouds lay ahead.

wind was not at all what they expected. A force 4/5 from the North, turning West
is what the VHF man gave us as weather report. Outside it was at least a force 6
or 7 and no West at all. When we had enough room to go down wind we set the
small jib. It all went smooth, but the last few turns on the winch where very
hard. The wind was pulling and a gust came over, letting the ship heal over and
making all the ropes and blocks moan and grunt. As we got closer to the end of
the bay, we saw little white head on most of the waves and realized we would not
be able to make any more then a 70 degree angle with the wind in these
conditions, letting us sail more towards Africa then Argentina.. We looked at
each other and headed down wind again. We took the jib down again and decided to
wait it out in a nice little cove called Hells Kitchen.

So we are
underway, but have not left yet. The wind has decreased a bit and is now
increasing again. It has turned a little, so hopefully by 06:00 in the morning
we can decide to leave, for real!

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