Needs must… as the devil drives


Needs must… as the devil drives

Not a positive saying, to some maybe offensive, I find it brilliant! Never backed down from a challenge and a challenge this trip has been! Made it trough the ice in the north, and the gales of the gulf of Alaska. Even had a stop at Krista’s home town Santa Cruz. Better known for its banana slugs, very tasty, thank you Anne!!! Boiled down to Salinas to get certified for Galapagos. Picked up a bunch of ocean hungry sailors and smashed down to Rapa Nui. Jet bought a bottle of whiskey and left Hanga Roa for Port Stanley to double the Horn with her salty crew.

Then 6 times up and down the Drake. In between dealing with Chilean authorities. Thank god Jonny is there!!! Got some rat traps from Stanley and headed of to South Georgia to see the sights. A mini holiday… Cracked the jib boom, chopped it in half and pushed on. South Georgia was so good that we left nearly a week late for Tristan Da Cunha. Averaging 8.5 knots for 6 days so caught up with the schedule. The first signs of trouble: Tristan closed its port. Very understandable so we wished them well and cracked on. As we passed Gough Island in the middle of the night the full scale of what was about to happen was not clear. Only a fairy tale contour on the moon lit horizon. Next day countries where talking to close there borders. How do you do that. Is it even possible… It got real really quick.

Jet and Glen jumped on a plane to beat the ban, and smoothen our arrival. They have been doing a hell of a job, dealing with authorities and the likes. We are two days out of Cape Town running before a nice breeze. The first Flying fish have boarded us. A sure sign we are going the right way. They always make me think of Sam who calls them fly fish. He is sailing hard in the north Atlantic to get the Thalassa and the School @ Sea project home safely! Boats all around us are working hard to get there crew and ships home safely. Desperate times call for desperate matters. One thing is for sure we will beat this. First our people are going home safely, and this old lady is going home safely. In the mean time there is no doubt about who is driving, and it certainly is not him!!!

All is well, Gijs

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