Never a dull moment

28’02S 101’14W, course 250, speed 7kn

After leaving Robinson Crusoe it was topsails pretty much all the way. This came to an end yesterday when the winds picked up. Last night we were dealing with very intense rain squalls and shifting winds. I’m running out of dry underwear and it is impossible to write anything in the logbook… Never a dull moment. The forecasted strong winds have found their way to our latitudes and have left us plotting along under reefed mizzn and stay sail. The rain is gone and the sun has taken over again.
tecla on the ocean
sailing into the sunset

The going is good! We have just gibed and are on a port tack. The easterlies are forecasted to pick up a little more and turn slightly to the north again. By that time we should have made enough longitude towards Rapa Nui to lay the mark on the other tack. That is the plan… let’s see what happens. Yesterday we were in company of 3 longtails. These white birds have a beautiful tail. Simon’s pictures bring them in even closer so you can really enjoy the detail! They nest on the nearby Islands and rocks and are hunting flying fish. The ancient navigators used them to fix their position, knowing these birds return to the Islands by night fall.


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