No dog watch, but bird watch

Tuesday 24-9-2019

55’29N 168’08W

COG 160

SOG 8.5 kn

Wind West 20kn

 Fork tailed Storm Petrels, Sooty Petrels,  Short tailed Shearwater, Fulmars in grey and dark morph, Kitty wakes, Short Tailed Albatross, Tufted Puffins, Horned Puffins, Pomarine Skua’s and probably a lot more! It is al happening in our wake. Will said he saw a killer whale just now but we dont belief him.

We left Nome and the nuggets the 21st and have been dogging shallow depressions ever since. Luckely for us we managed to stay on the good side of al of them. Since we left the Faroe last May we have not been on the frontal side of any low pressure area’s so it was like coming home when the first cumulus appeared on the horizon.

We have been able to put the northerly winds to good use so far. Last night was the first time we had to use the engine for a bit because of lack of wind. We have no time to linger around because of ex tropical storm Tapah. It is moving into the Bering sea to morrow afternoon, bringing strong to gale force southerlies. We need to be in Dutch Harbor before that happens… A 102 miles lay between us and Cape Cheerful on Unalaska. As we seem to spin of the miles I have good hopes of reaching “Dutch” in time! For now we enjoy the sun set (which is completely out of time…) and the show these birds are giving us. Who knows maybe Will’s killer whale might show up to…

Killer whales in 2017 spotted around Iceland

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