No future without a past

Pos. 00:00 UTC 23°30N 41°39S , COG 010°, SOG 5.6kn under engine…

No future without a past,

Our future lies to the north, following the
rising Pole Star. Its been climbing with us every inch we creep to the north.
Now well visible it is leading the way home. It is a happy sight and feels
familiar. It looks like we are on the right track.

Astern of us lies
our past. Crossing the 23°30 Cancer line, we leave the tropics behind us. The
simmering heat is being replaced for a milder temperature and over coats and
beanie’s are being worn at night. The last few days we have also, in slow motion
been saying good by to the Southern Cross. She has been with us for more than a
year. Sitting out calms and guiding us trough gales. Every evening she bravely
climbs over the horizon and its haze to make sure we are going the right way.
But tonight I fear it will be the last night she will keep her feet dry. Luckily
for us the world is round with no ends only new beginnings. I hope tomorrow it
will be cloudy to the south and we will be spared the sight of the sinking
Southern Cross. Where she will be unrecognizable for the navigator coming from
the north. Only those from the south will be able to make out this great, broken
and incomplete constellation.  Like a stranded ship, her course yard cocked to
the sky’s she will be waving us good by.  Take care dear friend…. and of those
you are watching over.

Until we meet again,


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