North East breeze, nice weather, speeding along

The summery of our day and even days so far has been a north (north) easterly breeze, weather that turns from cold grey into sunny in the afternoon, very nice, and a speed that averages 8 knots. Not bad at all!! Last night we hit the 10 knots for a bit, steering got harder as the wind picked up, so we reeved down the mainsail to the first reef. At some points during the day we might have wanted it out as the side way waves caught hold on the hull shaking her at times when there was not enough wind to keep us at a nice angle. But right now, we are very happy the reef is in! 8,4 knots, reaching course and a dark drizzly night. The barometer is dropping, a change of weather is getting closer, so best get some miles in while it is going so beautifully.

We finished our Albatross photo competition today. Virginia won with an amazing profile shot of a Chatham Island albatross. Today would have been a good day for a last shot though, we had an albatross close to the ship of a size that out reached all we have seen before. We reckon this one was the oldest off all of them. We have seen whales as well, coming up alongside the ship, then disappearing and coming up once more in the distance. No pictures of them as of yet.

As we started our trip a year ago a celebration North East breeze, nice weather, speeding along was in place, so we had warm chocolate milk with Hobart rum as well deserved desert.

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