North We Go! 13-7-2020 at 3.33 hours

Thursday evening we were finally able to set sail as we made it around the last corner and into Falxafloi where Reykjavik is situated. And as we sailed past that last corner, just before dinner time, we spotted a pod of killer whales! It was amazing! What a perfect way to arrive in Iceland.

Whale spotted from the Tecla

During the night we were moored along side in Brokey yachtharbor in Reykjavik and awaited the Corona Testing in the morning. It was all very well organized. We were invited into a small office at the harbor, one by one, and after the test we had to wait on board until the results were in. The results came in around dinner time, for some of us it got a little uncomfortable as most on board had already received their negative results, but three where still waiting. If the result would have been positive, you would not get a text message but you would be called… so nobody wanted their phone to ring that night! At 20:00 all the results were in! We were all tested Negative and so, cleared to travel into Iceland! (a big thank you to Reykjavik harbor for organizing it all so smoothly!)

Icelandic horses

Although we had our suspicions, after having been on board without any contact with the outside world for 11 days, we were still very relieved and almost in a party mood when the news was finally in!

The next morning 5 of our amazing team left us. And we were joined by 3 new explorers in the evening.

Now we are on our way North. The weather report said there was a strong breeze expected on the 15th, blowing hard from the North. This could mean we would have trouble making it to Isafjordur if we stayed in the South for too long. So we decided to make the most of the breeze that was still there early in the morning of Sunday as we set out at 04:00h to sail out of Flaxafloi.

Now the wind has disappeared. We are under engine, going North and heading into the fjord system of Hornstrandir. Here we are sheltered of waves and we can make the most of the strong breeze, sailing from one fjord to the next. I am really looking forward to seeing all our familiar spots and seeing if the foxes are there, if the waterfalls are there, if the icelake is still there and if the Pancakes in the doctorshouse of Heysteri are still as amazing as last year! 

We will have about 4 days to spend in Hornstrandir. And next week we go again! AND the week after that we will even have a 10 day voyage into Hornstrandir!! I am so looking forward to these weeks!!


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