Northern light in the south

Last night we spotted our first Northern light.. We were all keeping an eye out to the North, watching for signs, but it always seemed to light. The sun sets at 21:00 local time and rises again at 04:00, but in between it is still not very dark. But yesterday, to the South of us, a cloud seemed to be doing a strange thing to the light, or a star was shining behind the cloud, or a helicopter with lights on was passing us to the south… but no! it was the start of a series of light movements through the night!! Our very first Northern light was spotted!! The colors where not yet very clear, as it was still pretty light around us. But a clear white, or even light blue strip was moving between the clouds, growing and slimming as it passed over through the sky. This is promising for the nights to come!

Yesterday we made our way from Jenny Lind Island, leaving our anchorage under sail, to Cambridge Bay where we arrived early in the morning of the 27th.

We will stay here for a few days. Cambridge bay is a bigger settlement that provides the oppertunity for some fresh vegetables to be bought and some diesel and water bunkering along side.

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