Northern Lights!

CG 120
SP 5.8
Weather, Clear

The past two days have been overcast and drizzly as we make our way South. Particularly in the early morning, the shades of grey slowly become lighter, the deck dries out for a bit, visibility improves, and then in another half hour the clouds close in and the drizzle returns. I kept telling myself this is the Greenland weather I was expecting, but the monotony of the rumbling engine and shifting the staysail and mizzen around in the headwinds to stay somewhat filled added little to the imposing mood of the weather. Thankfully the swell has been very slight, so it’s only been the West Greenland current and sometimes bergy bits that we have to contend with.

This morning, the grey lifted more than usual to expose some beautiful coastline. Snowcapped mountains, and the striking profile of Storo island made helming a bit easier, and then some ice came along that kept us all busy. It’s good to have an excuse to patrol the deck and stay warmer.

This evening we came on after dinner, and it looked like it was going to be another overcast watch. The light southerly winds completely died with the sunset, so we took in the mizzen and staysail in the fading light. Then the clouds started to clear and a yellow gibbous moon rose above the sharp mountains behind Kap Thorvaldsen. The sky continued to clear, and Polaris and surrounding constellations popped out as the sky got darker. Then the streaks of the Northern Lights began to appear. At first, it was just a small grey band in the east, but then it began to stretch up and over, until there were little streaks all the way into the western horizon. Later it really became a show with green waves dancing along, tinged with pink and blue. It’s remarkable to me how quickly the lights move around and change. Just when you think the show is over, something new appears. So much for the grey monotony! The current seems to now have eased a bit too, as we are getting back up to six knots. All is well aboard,

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