Not just beanies…

The last years we have been knitting beanies which you can buy on board the Tecla. They are full wool, Icelandic wool, beanies with fun colors and different forms. No one beanie is the same!

But this year we saw something fun on board and we figured we could try it out for ourselves, indoor over socks or small house slippers to keep your feet warm. So we have started knitting not just beanies, but also a house slipper. As we want them to be strong enough, they are not made of Icelandic wool, but from a mixed wool.

They are warm, fun and for sale on board! So after a day of sailing, standing outside with your boots on, maybe in the rain, maybe in the snow, it is such a delight to go downstairs after your watch and take your sailing gear off. Put on your warm house slippers and curl up on the couch with a good book, or play a game with your watch mates. Even a glass of wine might taste better with warm feet!

Beanies are sold on board for €25. These house slippers (depending on pattern) are between €10 and €25.

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