Nuuk – Reykjavik

Nuuk as a city is the largest and fastest growing cities of Greenland. With over 17.000 inhabitants, it is still a small city compared which gives you the opportunity to really see the live of the local people in Greenland.  

Historically Nuuk has had inhabitants long before the Vikings came there, even before the Iniuts settled nearby, Nuuk was already a place where people gathered. 

Leaving Nuuk, there will be time to explore some of the fjords of South West and South coast before setting sail to Reykjavik. 


Possible stop overs or interesting places to visit on our way South are Qassiarsuk, a place of history and beauty, deep into the fjords of Greenland. This stop over is all about Erik the Red, here you see the statue of Leif Erikson, the son of Erik the Red. 

After Erik the Red we make our way out of the fjords again towards Qaqortoq, lying on the edge, well protected and sheltered, this town is one of the last big places we will visit. But in the same region we will find the Hot Springs of Uunartoq. A well deserved plunge into these springs after a day sailing is very recommended. 

Wind and weather permitting we will not sail along the outside of Cape Farwell, but take the inshore route through the fjords. Here we will find Aappilattoq, at a days sail. A small community with color full houses. 

After Cape Farwell another beautiful fjord to sail into is Lindenowfjord. After this the voyage will solely depend on the wind and weather. Crossing the North Atlantic in September will depend on the low pressure area’s coming in from the South. If the weather permits more stops can be planned at for example Tingmiarmit, Amaliehavn, or as far North as Tasiilaq.  


The crossing between Greenland and Reykjavik is about 500 miles, depending on the last anchorage. In total, this voyage will cover about 1100 miles, with at least 5 nights of sailing and 4 days of continuous sailing with watches etc. During the longer crossings, with night sailing in between, you will be divided into watches of 4 hours on and 8 hours off. You will steer the ship through the night and help with all the sail handling. 

Setting sail from Greenland to Iceland crossing the North Atlantic is a voyage depending on weather. You will start your watches as soon as you leave Greenland behind. As the nights start getting darker, turn your eye to the sky and maybe you will see the Northern lights!

How to get there and away!

Nuuk and Reykjavik are capitals in the North. They both have international airports close by, where you can fly to and from.


The rugged terrain of Greenland is awe inspiring and majestic on its own. Combined with sightings of whales, Northern Lights and other wildlife, this voyage promises to be one where you will make many memories! 

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