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Most of the logbooks are written by Gijs and Jet. They are on board, sent the logbooks to me, with a picture, if they have one and I post it. Sometimes with an extra link or photo.

The internet on board, is very limited.

And sometimes we get some kind messages we would like to share with everybody. 

Yesterday evening I got some very nice photos , taken from an helicopter, by  Mark Andreassen. He is with the Sir Wilfred Laurier ,, for the 12 weeks of summer up north supporting for aids to navigation, ice reconnaissance, SAR etc. In early October, they fly /sail back down to Victoria BC again. 

So the logbook for today , are 4 pictures, taken yesterday.


North of Pullen island at

N69 49.998

W134 24.664

And as an extra, 

He  took a few photos of us in  the Simpson Straights in 2019 as well!

I love this kind of emails!

Thank you again Mark! Very much appreciated. 

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