On one degree off the equator!

On one degree off the equator!
Only 69 miles before we hit the equator,
doldrum area.. We are on a course of 025 degrees, so it will take us a little
longer, but we are definitely entering the party zone of Neptune. During the day
we experienced some of the weather that goes along with these latitudes, heavy
showers, changing winds and increasing and decreasing winds within miles of
eachother. Big clouds packed on one another and when they turn darker, you can
see the water underneath begin to boil, and that is when you know there is work
to be done.

We set the Main topsail after lunch, got it down again
before 15:00 hours and set it again at 16:00 hours, this time together with the
mizzen topsail. We sailed into a big shower that washed the deck clean, left
about 5 centimeters of water in our coffee cups and made us run down wind for a
few miles, to spare the #1 jib and mainsail.. After that, bright sunny late
afternoon, with an almost cool late afternoon breeze.

Now, at 27 minutes
past midnight, there are some showers visible on the radar. Last night we moved
in between them and stayed dry, hopefully we can do the same tonight.

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