Our voyage has started

The day has come. Our voyage has started. Our group is on board and the groceries have been bought. Did we forget anything?

Oh yeah, we had to say goodbye to some of our amazing crew, that have sailed us to Greenland and are now on a well deserved holiday! Thank you Loes, Jehanne and Enki, you are stars.

The last few days have been very busy. And somewhat chaotic. We have shifted berth at least 6 times over 3 days and have filled our fuel tank at a fill station that took us over 1,5 hours! As Sam and I went grocery shopping, the Tecla had to shift again and even after our supper we had to go aside for one of the ships on the inside. But we got all the shopping done and our guests on board. Our expedition crew arrived just before dinner, and after a short introduction and safety briefing it was time to socialize, get to know eachother and get used to the ship.

photo Simon Damant

This morning started with a cooler air then the last few days. After clearing out and stamping out, we were unpleasantly surprised at the sight of not just fog, but also Bergybits coming into the harbor of Ilulissat. One bergybit made it around the corner of the entrance and came straight for our berth. We had postponed our departure with an hour due to the fog, but as we had to shift berth for the launch of a small fishing vessel, we thought we might as well set of. The beginning of our adventure – the beginning of our attempt to sail through the North West Passage. With radar turning and look outs on both sides, we ventured into the thick fog.

Photo Simon Damant

It is now evening when I write this. But the sun is still shining. Behind yet another cover of fog, but it is still very bright. We made our way out of the first bit of the bay, very slowly. We had to swurl around two cruise vessels at anchor, some ice bits and then some icebergs, but we made it out safely. Around 18:00, the fog lifted for a few hours, but has settled in again. We have decided to anchor later this night. Right now there is no wind to sail with, wind is expected in a few days, so we will make the most of our time and do some exploring along the Disko Bay area, until we have some wind to cross over to Canada. Ice reports still give 9/10 for Resolute, so we are not yet in a hurry. ffffffff

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