Passed the 10 degrees North Latitude – sailing to the max

Passed the 10 degrees North Latitude – sailing to the max
After a bumpy night
I woke up this morning by the sound of the ship, you could hear that she was
really making some speed! Sam told us with a big smile on his face that they did
6 more miles in their watch than we did, a 48  Miles in 6 hours, Nice!
Could we keep that average for the next few hours? Seastate was oke, wind
steady, sun shining….
We thought it might be possible but unfortunately the
mainsail disagreed… ripped at 0930
So we had to put a reef in. (Nice to
see how Gijs, Jet and Sam can do this in a record time without saying hardly
anything to each other)

The rest of the day we sailed nice in a 8 feet
swell. Think we were on a shipping lane because 3 coasters had to alter their
course for us and passed us within a mile. (a shame that non of them would bring
us some eggs….)

Now still doing fine 7 kn and while I´m writing this we
passed the 10° North latitude.

I am gone, and have the next question for
Gijs; Why they call it flying fish and not swimming birds?


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