Peltier Channel


Let it snow let it snow

There is nothing like a normal land fall at Antarctica. Certainly not this time. Obscured by fog and snow the first thing we saw of the white continent where the Islands in the Nimrod Passage. None the less super spectacular. Once firmly in the channel the air cleared a little and we could see where we were. But where to go? Port Charcot of course! The winter quarters of the first Charcot expedition between 1903 and 1905. After a winding track with the most beautiful back drops in the world we got to the port… I was sur it was there, it must be there because of the beacon on top of the hill… right? Completely clogged up with ice bergs up to the flood line. Off we went around the corner to find shelter in a cove on Cholet Island.

SB anchor and two stern lines ashore. Nice! Setting out the lines there was a visitor coming to inspect our work. A young Leopard Seal came out to play. Maybe a little to close for our nervous… It gracefully practiced the roll of death under the stern to show of what it could do to a little pinguin… Tim got the fright of his live when he treated him with a big splash half a meter from the dingy!

The shore party was a big success. The historical site and beacon are not the only reason to go here. The Adelie Pinguin were the main goal this time. They are the first to come ashore early in the season, and also the first to leave. Battling the sea ice miles of shore is the price to pay for the riches of the sea. 3 where left! The rest had packed up and left. 3 is better than none, some mission accomplished! On top of the hill next to the beacon, the glacial scenery is hard to beat. Back on board the cold souls were revived by some warm mold wine. We chatted away about adventures in the past present and future. Currently we are in Peltier Ch nearly at Port Lockroy. The image of Lemaire Ch still fresh in our memory! What a privilege to be here!

Al is well


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