Perfect sailing

14’39.4N 031’44.0W course 325′ speed 5,3kn
24 hours of beautiful perfect sailing, it may sound strange, but on an ocean crossing it is not often that this happens. Often winds change, sails have to be adjusted, topsails up or down, too much wind or too little. But yesterday was just perfect, a smooth ocean, a nice breeze and good company, what more could you wish for!

This evening the wind started to increase, with gusts, nothing much, but still a little too much for the topsails. So they have come down, and will stay down for the next few days, or so it looks on the weather report. At watch handover of 04:00h we will change the big jib for the second one and possibly reef the mainsail. That way we may be able to keep a higher course for a little longer, now we sometimes feel like easing on the mainsheet, to shake some wind.

The true wind is not too much, around 15 knots, but adding our own speed, it becomes a little more then our big jib likes.. And if we are too slow, we wil just unreef again!

The past two nights we have seen Polaris and the Southern Cross at the same time. But now the Southern Cross is starting to dip below the horizon at the end of my watch at 06 utc. Again we say goodbye to this old friend and welcome the new ones. The nights are still very dark, the moon has been gone for a few days now. Should return soon as well, waxing till full moon in about two weeks.

My staring at the weather report has resulted in altered weather reports. Or so it feels. Which gives the sailor hope. I’ll stare some more at them in the next watch. For now its nearly time for watch hand over at 04:00h. I will give them the good news, that we will start or end their watch with some work outs. They will be thrilled!

All is well on board, jet

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