Perfect sailing

26’11.1S 120’25.0W  course 270′ speed 8,2 kn

We have had a beautiful sunny day, waves have been building up with the wind at a force 5 to 6 at times. In the past 24 hours we have sailed 200 miles, so our average speed is extremely nice. Pitcairn is another 527 NM, but that doesn’t seem so far with 24 hour averages like this!

But during the night, clouds started to move in, and at watch hand over a ridge of dark clouds to the starboard of us was closing in and changing our winds. Where our normal compass course was around 270′ for the past day or so, we were at 250′ at watch hand over, and even at 220′ a half hour later. Some rain fell, but not too much, no tropical rain showers yet. And now we are back at a course of 250′ on the compass, straight to our next waypoint

All well on board, Jet.

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