The dogs

The Tecla had 3 ships dogs. Nyske came to a right old age of 15 years old and has sailed on the Tecla between 2006 and 2010, but in 2014 she passed away. In 2009 she crossed the Atlantic with us during the Trans-Atlantic Challenge. In 2008 she won a price during the regatta to Madeira. Within the STI she is very well known!

Our newest additions to the crew are Sadie and Lizzy.

Sadie is an English Springer Spaniel from a long hunting line from Germany. She is 4 years old and this is her first year sailing on the Tecla. She loves being on board and her favorite spot is right in the middle where everybody is. Sadie loves playing fetch games, swimming and sleeping.

Lizzy is also an English Springer Spaniel, but she is from Belgium. She is also 4 years old and has sailed on the Tecla in 2012. She hates sailing under engine and loves the silence when the sails are up. She is only on board when the whole crew is on board. She also loves playing games, looking for treats and a lot of attention.

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