Possibility of splitting Voyage between Amsterdam and Oban

On special request we would like to offer the possibility of splitting the voyage between Amsterdam and Oban. Sailing first from Amsterdam to Inverness and from there onwards to Oban through the Caledonian Channel.

The first part of the voyage will take 5 days. Setting sail from Amsterdam, the route to Inverness totally depends on the wind. It is 340 miles in a straight line. So these 4 days at sea will give you time to visit either a Dutch destination, or maybe the East coast of Scotland before arriving in Inverness. Here you can stay on board for the remainder of the voyage through the Caledonian Channel, or you can end your voyage here.

If you would rather only sail through the Caledonian Channel and end your voyage in Oban, you can book your trip on board the Tecla now, for just 9 days. Starting in Inverness you will stay in the Caledonian Channel for 4 to 5 days. Sailing over lochs and taking the locks up and down the Channel.

So if you are looking for a short get away sailing across the North Sea. Book your trip online now. This trip is ideal for those working on their miles for a Yacht Master degree. Working with the wind, you will be able to look over the shoulder of the Captain at weather reports, voyage planning and navigate across the North Sea.

Are you looking for a relaxed get away, combining active sailing with beautiful hikes along the channel, then book your trip between Inverness and Oban online now! This voyage will show you the best sides of Scotland, traveling from East to West. If weather and time permit you will be able to visit the island of Mull, with the colourful houses and tasty whiskey in Tobermory.

Amsterdam – Inverness

11-04-2016 18:00h // 16-04-2016 10:00h

For just €500 (about £380)


Inverness – Oban

16-04-2016 18:00h // 24-04-2016 10:00h

For just €900 (about £680)


These voyages can still be booked as one total trip. http://www.tecla-sailing.com/nl/portfolio/1-caledonian-canal/