Project Type: Crew


Jan is the owner, captain and mechanic of the Tecla. Jan has sailed and owned vessels from an early age.

jannette sailing the tecla


Jannette, co-owner and manager of the Tecla. She started sailing after she met Jan the. Together they bought an old.


Gijs is one of the captains of the Tecla. Gijs started sailing when he was a young boy. Professionally he.

jet sluik sailing on the Tecla


Jet, Captain and PR. Jet started sailing professionally in 2005. Before that she spend many weeks a year sailing with.

The dogs

The Tecla had 3 ships dogs. Nyske came to a right old age of 15 years old and has sailed.


Loes, flexible crew Loes has been part of the flexible crew for many years, she was there at the start.