Question and Answer video meeting

On Sunday 18th of February we are organizing a video meeting through Google Meetings for those who have questions about our new sailing season. To be able to join our meeting you can send us an email with your name and we will send you an invitation for the meeting on Sunday 18th of February at 19:00 CET. 

Our first ever Q&A be there!

The Tecla is currently on her way to Antarctica and South Georgia. In 2025 we will visit Antarctica again, but we will also head back to the Pacific! A place we have not finished exploring. 

And we will attempt our third North West Passage. With two previous successful voyages, we will attempt to navigate these water again and see if we can find yet another route through the ice and the shallows. 

So put in your agenda – Sunday 18th of February 19:00 CET (this is UTC +1) .

Send us an email and if you have any questions already that you would like to be answered, please ad them to your email. 

We will send you an email with the link to the google meeting for Sunday. 

We will start with a short welcome and a powerpoint presentation on our up coming voyages. This should not take more then 30 minutes. We will then have an hour for questions. And if we run out of time, we can schedule a one on one video call on a later date and time. 

If you can not make it on Sunday but you are really interested in a Q&A with the Tecla, please let us know and we can see if we can organize another meeting on a different day. 




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