Quiet Sunday

Quiet Sunday
Another quiet day at the office. We have been sailing with a
steady but slightly slow pace in a northerly direction. The sailing has been fun
in the light winds and during the day we are once again trying to stay out of
the sun. We have been noticing a really big swell coming from the north north
west. It is clearly an old swell, as it is long and moves at a steady pace, but
some of the waves seem to be between 3 and 4 meters high! With our light winds
it feels slightly ominous to see these waves pass underneath the Tecla and
travel on to the other side of the ocean. In the north a depression has formed
and this is where the swell is coming from. Hopefully we will only get the
predicted south west off the depression to set us closer to the Azores.

Other then that, it has been a quiet Sunday. One bit off very exciting
news was that there was a ship on the horizon as we came on watch. The first in

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