Rain watch

25’27.9S 123’46.5W course 260′ speed 8,2

The 12-16/00-04 watch has been dubbed the Rain Watch. Yesterday night and tonight again, it is the watch that has the most rain and the most changeable winds. So keep your head in the game and steer like a pro. The wind is shifting from an East North East to a North East between showers and back again when the pass. The radar is currently filled with a 12 mile long green blob, indicating rain. It is to the starboard of us, so on our high side.. hopefully we can skid past it on the back end…

During the day we had perfect weather. Wind, sunshine and a nice temperature. The outside water is getting warmer though and so are the nights. With shorts and a long t shirt, you are not under dressed.

The watch rhythm has really taken hold. Small chores are done, some rope handling explanation and the start of astro navigation and sextant training has begun. Pitcairn is 341 miles away, so another day or two and we could see the island.

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