Refit update!

Tecla update January 2022

Through social media we have send out some pictures of the progress, but here is some background information!

Since September the Tecla has been hauled out of the water and placed on land. 

Here, metal studs were welded onto the parts of her hull that were remaining. She was then lasered to find the place where we would start cutting parts of her metal out. 

Gijs and Jet had by this time taken the interior apart and everything was taken out. The tanks were demolished and all the concrete was smashed to small bits and hauled out with barrels. 

17 meters of the old hull of the Tecla was cut out. This is a segment spanning over 3 water tight compartments. Starting at the cabin compartment, the kitchen/seating area and the pantry / anchor locker. The new segment, that was already welded together, was brought to the boatyard and with care and a lot of hard work, placed under the remaining part of the Tecla.  

Some work still needed to be done on getting the hull to fit perfectly. But also on the remaining hull. She has been build back better and stronger! 

The deck structures were removed as the steel was very rusty and old. New structures were built and placed back. 


Now, real time, the Tecla is being insulated. Rockwoll insulation is placed on spikes in the cabin area. Next week we should start on the seating area and kitchen.


But that is not all. Her masts had already undergone some much deserved maintenance. Only her jib boom, that had snapped in 2020 on South Georgia, was not salvageable (it will be made into planks for an open boat Gijs is planning to build). A new one was made by the shipyard SRF, this week we put the first coats of varnish on our new jib boom, and it looks amazing. 

Not too long now, and the Tecla will be back in the water. A triumph for her old bones, that are good as new now!

With this major refit, or rebuild, we hope to preserve the Tecla for many many years and make sure her traditional beauty gets to sail around the world and visit amazing places for many more years!

2 Responses to “Refit update!

  • Dank voor het delen van het grote nieuws. Voor het uitvoeren van een nieuwe wereldreis in 2022/2023 zijn deze werkzaamheden noodzakelijk te noemen om weer behouden thuis te komen. Grote reparaties tijdens de reis onderweg zijn ondoenlijk. Ik heb met veel plezier en grote voldoening tussen 1989 en 2011 elk jaar met 1 of 2 zeilreizen per seizoen aan het leven aan boord deelgenomen! Al mijn “scheepsjournalen” tussen 1984 en 2011 als mede foto/video van de 2011 reis (mijn laatste )staan op mijn blog:
    Als de Tecla weer gereed is voor een nieuw avontuur kom ik graag eens kijken hoe alles geworden is! Groeten van een ervaren zeezeiler, Fred Bender

  • Good heavens, this is a totally different kind of adventure! Very curious how the endresult will look like. Good luck with the project and greetings from Katwijk, one of Tecla’s former residences.

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