Riding the wave of coming winds

13-12 01:15 board time

Today was, again, a super day sailing! The waves have gradually increased to about 2,5 meters sometimes a bit more. Although the wind seemed to decrease rather then increase, we were already riding the waves of the wind that was coming our way. And that wind is here now. 21 knots, a beautiful steading force 5 with just one shower around watch hand over. So we reefed the mainsail at watch hand over. This is the 4th or 5th time reefing and it is going faster and faster! We were done in 15 min, back on course and still doing 8,5 knots! We are well and truly into the roaring forties now!

beautiful sailing

We have also put on our first layers of warm under clothing. It is not yet cold, but 4 hours on watch, with the wind cooling you down, it is nice to be snug and warm in your sailing gear! Last night was definitely the last night watch I did without woolies or merinos, it took me hours to warm up after my watch, although during the watch, I had not felt cold.

Coming days we expect some rain as well, so the heater will be turned on at some point to get all our clothing dried before the next watch.

Other then this, we have not much news to report. All is well, the sailing is great, we had oat cookies and fresh fruit bread yesterday baked by Krista, fresh brown bread baked by Will tonight and maybe even pancakes in the morning. What more could a human wish for.

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