Riding the waves


15-12 01:17 board time


We were getting somewhat tired of the waves rocking us side to side, us working hard at the helm to keep the sails full, and downstairs working hard to make sure nothing falls down and nobody slides off their seats. So this afternoon we gybed and made East. The gybe was our first gybe and although the waves always make it hard to do it calmly, this was actually a very nice controlled gybe! With sails out on starboard we soon sped off and noticed the significant change in the ships reaction to the waves! Instead of fighting them, she seemed to be riding them! They were almost straight on our stern and we were just surfing down the waves with 7 to 8 knots heading even a little south of east.


What a relief! And what a tranquility on board!

After 5 perfect hours sailing, we got stuck in a shower, that lasted over an hour. And again we were fighting the waves and the rocking. Wind decreased all the way to a force 2bf and we had to head North to keep some pressure in them. Frustrating end of the watch! But as soon as dinner was ready, some wind picked up again, we were doing east over the ground and we had the feeling it would soon be back to normal. And it was. Now at midnight we are speeding along with 7 to 8 knots, riding the waves and making our way South East towards the horn.

The weather reports are sailing we will be on this tack for another 24 hours before the wind will turn to the west again, and we will gybe again. We are also expecting some stronger winds by that time. But for now, our North West, force 4 is getting us closer and closer to the 50’South and the first spotting of the land.

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