Rounding of Cape Horn and changing weather

29-12 01:50 board time

Rounding of Cape Horn and changing weather This morning at 04:28 board time (08:28 UTC) we crossed the latitude of Cape Horn and there with, rounded the horn itself. Of course to make our voyage an official Cape Horn rounding we still have to make it up to 50’South, so past the Falkland Islands. Our 3000 miles are nearly done, only 200 miles to go and we have done 3000 miles under sail. If we can get to 50’South in a straight line, this would mean we will have done 3350 miles under sail. But first, we have to get there, and that is still proving to be a challenge.

We have had some amazing sailing today. With hardly any steering to do, as the ship was going straight on her own, we were doing 6 or 7 knots with a light breeze. This afternoon the wind increased again, which made us hit the 9 and 10 knots pretty soon. We changed the big jib and at watch hand over at 16:00 in the afternoon, we pulled a reef in the mainsail and one in the mizzen. During the night the wind kept increasing to 27 and even 29 knots, so we lowered the mainsail. But now inbetween the showers, we really miss the mainsail and we are sometimes stuck, doing 4 to 5 knots and waves rocking us, as we have little canvas up.

A last shower is passing behind us, when that is gone, we might set the mainsail again.

What the next two days will hold seems to be one more challenge in this rounding of the Horn. With strong winds leading to the Falklands and then decreasing into a variable breeze. Lets hope we keep those 8 knots of wind so we can keep making our way North.

Now that we are on the Atlantic side, we have noticed an increase in the amount and diversity of wild life! So far we have spotted a Minkie Whale, a pod of Pilot Whales, Dusky Dolphins, Hourglass Dolphins and an increase in the amount of birds around us. The water here must have more life in it! Looking over the side of the boat this night, we have also spotted very large luminescent forms in the water. Somewhat big to be algae, but very pretty!

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