Sail, rain, sewing or…..




After arriving early in Reykjavik last week we where quite happy to be there. The winds were in the high 40’ies while we were snug along side. We had to wait two days before we could leave, on the new trip. Yesterday morning we finally did. It had been howling the whole night when we left under the cover of darkness. The winds where forecasted to drop and turn into the south.

When rounding the Reykjanes peninsula we got kicked in the teeth by the last burst of the gale. What power is possessed by the wind, wouw!! Still under the lee of the land we had little problem overcoming it, but it promised something for when we would get further out to sea. When we did the winds had dropped as had the seastate. The going was good, SE the course!

Time to make some miles. It was clear this was not going to be an easy one! Then this morning the SE winds came through, accompanied by their faithful companion rain… Krista had taken over the watch at 0600 and I barley noticed them tacking twice. My eyes where aloud to sink into their sockets as the slumber of sleep toke over… I felt a boom, Gijs Gijs the staysail has popped!!!! OK that sucks! Coming on deck I could not hide my disgust looking at the situation. The 3rd pannel from the top was separated from the 4th and wurst of all it was still raining… We took it down and bent on the number 3 jib and got on with live. Why hadn’t I fixed the other staysail yet… Because its a needle breaker and the new staysail would arrive in Ullapool? Slacking up, now I have to do it in the rain, or maybe Ill write a logbook first.. and have a coffee..

All is well… nearly all


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