Sailing across Baffin Bay #5

Photo Simon Damant

We have made as much North under engine as we could, before the Northerly winds started. Around 06:00 board time (UTC -2) we set most of the sails and at 08:00 watch hand over we set the top-sails as well. And we are off with a nice speed. Averaging between 6 and 7 knots with a course pointing at Baffin Island. Weather reports show that this wind will decrease somewhere in the middle of Baffin Bay and then turn Southerly. So we are making the most of it.

The temperature is around 7 degrees, with a breeze that is water cold, but most of us still have a few extra layer to add when necessary. The clouds have changed from a fog into a altostratus mid level, that is starting to break up.. so grey, other shades of grey and then now with sudden sun rays bouncing of the water surface, there is some colour back into our scenery.

Photo’s Simon Damant

The sea is calm, small waves and a long low swell is running, so it is easy to keep the sails full, even when the wind is a little fickle in strength and direction.

Our expedition members are from all sorts of back grounds, making the conversation lively and ever changing. From cloud formations, ice sorts and density, to sailing the arctic or milling local hard wood on the South side of the world. All is well on board.

About 310 miles until the entrance to Pond Inlet, between Baffin Island and Bylot Island. The ice reports we are receiving are looking promising. Ice has decreased beyond Resolute in the last 4 days. Barrow strait is opening up, but still pretty packed and so is Peel sound. Making our way to Pond Inlet will take at least another 2 days, keeping our eye on those ice reports! fffffffffffff

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