Sailing Schedule 2019 | Tecla

Sailing Schedule 2019

This schedule is preliminary and could be subject to small changes. You can book your voyage, if any changes are made, you will be informed as soon as possible.

Sailing the Tecla in 2019, will take her back to Scotland, Iceland and Greenland but will also be the start of a new amazing voyage. This voyage will start in Iceland and will take the Tecla to Greenland on the west coast and even further to a point where the Tecla will attempt a North West Passage through the north of Canada to the Pacific side of America. We will get more information on these voyages online soon. 

All the voyages on this schedule that are complete can be booked. You can inform with the Tecla after the North West Passage, but we will not yet take on bookings. If you would like to stay informed, please send us an email and we will keep you updated.

Voyage #EmbarkingDisembarkDaysFrom / toVoyage descriptionBook online now! Price 15-25 years oldPrice 25>years
2019-1119-sept-19′13-Nov-19′56Nome – GalapagosWith stop in Dutch Harbour. This 56 day voyage will take you over more then 6000NM of ocean! More info // Book now!€4.928€6.160
2019-1214-Nov-19′4-Dec-19′21Galapagos – Easter IslandsProvisionally FULL
A dream of a voyage starting on the Galapogos and taking to across the Pasific Ocean to the Easter Islands.
More info // Book now!€2.520€3.360
2019-135-Dec-19′2-Jan-20′29Easter Islands – Falkland Islands A true Cape Horn voyage, over 3000NM traveling from 50′ South to 50′ South. Only one female berth availableMore info // Book now!€4.640€6.090