Sailing Schedule 2021 | Tecla

Sailing Schedule 2021

This schedule is preliminary and could be subject to small changes. You can book your voyage, if any changes are made, you will be informed as soon as possible.

Sailing the Tecla in 2021 you can choose to sail to Iceland, to Greenland and even get a taste of the North West Passage with our 26 day voyage from Greenland to Canada and back to Greenland.

Looking for just a week or so sailing? Join us in Iceland, sailing in Hornstrandir. Or set sail for 10 days along the Greenland coast!

Voyage #EmbarkingDisembarkDaysFrom / toVoyage descriptionBook online now! Price 15-25 years oldPrice 25>years
2021-106-May-21'20-May-21'15Harlingen - UllapoolSetting sail, start of the season. Visiting the Orkney Islands and Outer HebridesMore info //
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2021-221-May-21'11-Jun-21'23Ullapool - ReykjavikStepping in the footsteps of the Vikings - one of the highlights of our year is the voyage from Ullapool to Reykjavik in Iceland. Stopping on the Outer Hebrides, Orkneys, Shetlands and the amazing and remote Faroes. More info// // Book now!€3.520€3.960
2021-312-Jun-21'20-Jun-21'9Reykjavik - IsafjordurHeading out of Reykjavik you will set sail along the wild west coast of Iceland, making your way north to Isafjordur. More info// Book now!€1.125€1.350
2021-421-Jun-21'28-Jun-21'8Isafjordur - IsafjordurMelting glaciers and glowing meadows is what you will find in the North West nature reserve Hornstrandir. But also arctic foxes changing into their summer suit, whales in the fjords and birds nesting along the cliffs. More info// Book now!€1.280€1.520
2021-530-Jun-21'19-Jul-21'20Isafjordur - NuukSet sail for Greenland. A spectacular voyage to the West of Greenland and the most northern capital of the World. Navigate along the edge of the ice to find your entry into Greenland.More info // Book now!€3.200€3.800
2021-620-Jul-21'30-Jul-21'11Nuuk - IlulissatA voyage along the west coast of Greenland. A true explorers voyage all the way into the Disko Bay. More info // Book now!€1.925€2.200
2021-731-Jul-21'25-Aug-21'26Ilulissat - Beechey Island - NuukA taste of the North West Passage, leaving from Disco Bay setting sail or one of the last places the Franklin Expedition left proof of their search for the North West Passage in 1846. More info // Book now!€5.850€6.500
2021-826-Aug-21'15-Sep-21'21Nuuk - ReykjavikSet sail from Greenland back to Iceland. Exploring the fjords in the South West of Greenland before heading for Iceland. A thrilling sail across the North Atlantic. More info// Book now!€3.360€3.780
2021-916-Sep-21'07-Oct-21'22Reykjavik - UllapoolIn Viking Footsteps. We trace back from Iceland along all the island groups in between. Visiting the Faroe Islands, Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands and Outer Hebrides.More info // Book now!€3.520€3.960
2021-1008-Oct-21'16-Oct-21'9Ullapool - ObanA voyage along the Inner Hebrides. Filled with beautiful anchorages, sailing and maybe some beautiful whisky's. More info // Book now!€990€1.350
2021-1117-Oct-21'30-Oct-21'14Oban - Caledonian Canal - HarlingenCaledonian Canal included!! Bring the Tecla home! Visit the castles of the Caledonian Canal, sail across Loch Ness, work through the locks of Neptunes Staircase and then sail across the North Sea.More info // Book now!€1.540€2.100