Sailing Schedule 2020

This schedule is preliminary and could be subject to small changes. You can book your voyage, if any changes are made, you will be informed as soon as possible.

Sailing the Tecla in 2020, will take to Antarctica, South Africa and then take her back to Scotland, Iceland and Greenland. With voyages between 7 days or 54 days!

All the voyages on this schedule that are complete can be booked.

Voyage #EmbarkingDisembarkDaysFrom / toVoyage descriptionBook online now! Price 15-25 years oldPrice 25>years
2020-14-Jan-20'30-Jan-20'27Falkland - Punta ArenasAntarctica voyage 1. Setting sail from the Falkland Islands, there will be time to discover some more of the islands, before setting sail for Antarctica, the lost Continent. This voyage will end in Punta Arenas. More info //
Book now! Only 4 berths available
2020-201-Feb-20'24-Mrt-20'53Punta Arenas - Cape TownSetting sail from Punta Arenas to Antarctica and beyond. Visiting the South Shetlands, South Georgia and Tristan da CunaMore info // Book now! Provisionally fully booked€8.454€9.360
2020-33-Apr-20'26-May-20'54Cape Town - AzoresSailing from the South Atlantic into the North Atlantic, meeting Neptune, with possible stops on St Helena and Ascension island. More info will follow soon // Book now!€4.320€4.320
2020-428-May-20'17-Jun-20'21Azores - UllapoolSetting sail from the Azores to Scotland. An amazing voyage with a true Ocean Feeling to it. More info will follow soon // Book now!€2.420€2.420