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This year the sailing schedule of the Tecla consists of voyages in Scotland, through the Caledonian Canal, to Ullapool and St Kilda. The Tecla will then make her way up North, following the viking routes and sail along the Orkneys, Shetlands and Faroe Islands, visiting them all in hope to find old Viking reminiscence. This voyage will lead up to Iceland, our new sailing ground. Here we will explore more, sailing from Reykjavik, Isafjordur and visiting many remote and amazing places!

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Our sailing season for 2017!!

2017 will take the Tecla even more North then we have been so far! One of our trips will go to Greenland! Want to join us? Book your voyage online now! BOOK YOUR VOYAGE

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in search of vikings

in search of vikings

11-apr-1724-apr-1714Amsterdam - Ullapool
Including the Orkney Isles. Setting sail from Amsterdam, this voyage will take you north to the Orkney and maybe even Shetland Islands before finishing in Ullapool. The weather in April is still very unpredictable, so this voyage really depends on wind and weather. It might mean you will have to wait out a good wind on the Orkney Islands, while sheltering in a bay, the perfect walk would be up the hill to for example the Higland Park Whiskey Distillery.
€ 1.680,00€1.425,00
25-apr-171-mei-177Ullapool - Ullapool - Rounding Skye
Rounding Skye. Setting sail from Ullapool you will take your time exploring Skye. Skye is the biggest but one of the Islands of the Hebrides. It has over 550 km of coastline! Enough to explore and not even get to see everything. In springtime you will spot the first Otters coming out of their winterhiding. The Golden Eagles might be spotted, as well as some seals. This voyage will give you a combination of sailing and walking. Exploring villages or historic sites in the morning and then sailing on to the next bay.
€ 840,00€715,00
Tecla at St Kilda
2-mei-179-mei-178Ullapool - Ullapool - St Kilda and the outer Hebrides.
Depending on wind a plan will be made to get to St Kilda. Not necessarily an easy job. St Kilda is an island group situated outside the protective circle of Outer Hebrides. The whole of the Atlantic ends on these islands. Which makes them so unique and one of those places you just have to visit! St Kilda was once inhabited by a population of 75 to 80 people. They maintained the island, kept small sheep and some cattle to live from, but mainly kept busy searching for Puffineggs. In 1930 the population had shrunk to 36 people and so the complete community left the island as food was scares and boat connection unreliable. Now you can only visit the islands by boat. On the islands there are still some of the Soay sheep left. But mainly the islands is inhabited by Puffins, Northern Gannets, Leach Petrels and many more birds.
Fully bookedFully booked
10-mei-1731-mei-1722Ullapool - Reykjavik - In Search of Vikings
Orkneys, Shetlands, Faroes. One of the highlights in the sailing 2017 season. Setting sail from Ullapool a course north is set to first visit Stornoway, the Orkneys and then onwards to the Shetland Islands. Fair Isle is the first stop, then on to Foula or the mainland of the Shetlands. When the winds are good, a crossing of less then 24 hours will take you to the Faroe Islands. So much unspoiled nature, amazing walks,
Fully bookedFully booked
1-jun-1714-jun-1714Reykjavik - Isafjordur - Wild Wild West
You will leave Reykjavik and set sail for arguably Icelands prettiest town, Stykkisholmur, a convenient stop to plan our excursion to the Snaefellsjokull. Get to know the West fjords at their best when we glide into Dynjandisvogur and Borgafjordur, closed by towering mountains. Here we find the birth place of Jon Sigurdsson, the man who won independence for Iceland in the nineteenth century.
€ 2.520,00€2.145,00
Tecla 4 2016-05-12 20h48m54s
15-jun-1721-jun-177Isafjordur - Isafjordur - Glowing meadows in Hornstrandir
These two shorter trips will focus on the Isafjardadjup area and are easy to combine with a longer stay on the Island. With its main attraction Hornstrandir National Park. The area was largely abandoned in the second world war. Nowadays some of the houses are back in use during summer, but the only real way to see the whole of Hornstrandir, is by visiting it by boat.
€ 1.260,00€1.070,00


22-jun-1728-jun-177Isafjordur - Isafjordur - Melting glaciers in Hornstrandir
These two shorter trips will focus on the Isafjardadjup area and are easy to combine with a longer stay on the Island. With its main attraction Hornstrandir National Park. The area was largely abandoned in the second world war. Nowadays some of the houses are back in use during summer, but the only real way to see the whole of Hornstrandir, is by visiting it by boat.
€ 1.260,00€1.070,00
Tecla Iceland-110
29-jun-1711-jul-1713Isafjordur - Akureyri - Arctic foxes to the Arctic circle
This voyage starts off with a visit to Hornstrandir national park, only 15 mile to the North. The main attraction in this area is the Hornbjarg Cliff sitting at 533mtr above sea level. Enjoy an icy plunge in the North Atlantic after a warming bath in the natural hot spring, situated at the foot of the Krossneslaug mountain. It is one of those memorable experiences only Iceland can offer!
€ 2.340,00€1.989,00
simon looking into the fjord enniberg wandeling
12-jul-1725-jul-1714Akureyri - Isafjordur - Sailing with whales
Setting sail for the Island Hrisey, the first stretch of sailing on this trip will be amongst north Iceland most rugged mountains. Leaving Hrisey we set sail into the Greenland sea with Grimsey as our next destination. The shallow fjords and coast are uninhabited and rarely visited.
This voyage is the best opportunity to spot whales. As you will set sail around the north West corner of Iceland, you will be able to find the in the open water and even in the fjords.
€ 2.520,00€2.140,00
Tecla Iceland-108
26-jul-1716-aug-1722Isafjordur - Isafjordur - A journey to Greenland - Scoresbysund
For the first time, the Tecla will set sail for Greenland. Sailing from Isafjordur, you will first get to know the ship, learn to set the sails and get used to the movement, as you set sail for Hornstrandir, the Nature Reserve to the North of Isafjordur. Then when the wind is right and the are no Ice warnings, you will set sail for a night and a day, before reaching the South East coast of Greenland. With the main goal Scoresbysund (Kangertittivaq). One of the biggest fjords in the world! With Ittoqqortoormiit as its only settlement you spend most of your time there in the rugged nature. The voyage will bring you back to Isafjordur.
fully bookedfully booked
17-aug-173-sept-1718Isafjordur - Reykjavik - Visiting Greenland
The end of the summerseason is closing in, the ice is melting and the flowers are in full bloom. One last chance for the season to get to Greenland. This voyage will concentrate on Greenland, without a stop on Hornstrandir (unless weather dictates other wise). Setting sail from Isafjordur, you will head for Greenland as soon as possible. With one week planned in Scoresbysund, you will have time enough to explore one of the deepest fjords in the world. With Narwals feeding in the calm waters and Muskox living on the green patches that sprout out from underneauth the snow and ice cap that is there 9 months a year. This voyage will then take you along the west coast of Iceland, with a few short possible stops and finish in Reykjavik.
€ 3.240,00€2.755,00
The Faroe Islands
4-sep-1724-sep-1721Reykjavik - Ullapool - In search of Vikings
On this trip Tecla does not only trace her own foot steps back to the British Isle. It will be a journey through time following the ancient navigators. A cultural and natural voyage, a great combination of historical sites and rare wild live. Standing stones and spitting geysers, golden eagles, otters and arctic foxes, their all part of the places we visit. Witness this transformation, leaving the Mid Atlantic Ridge with its volcanic wilderness arriving at the gentle basaltic slopes. A chance to enjoy the cultures and cuisines of these isolated island communities.
€ 3.360,00€2.855,00
sun special effects

sun special effects

25-sep-178-okt-1714Ullapool - Rotterdam - Visiting the Orkneys
This voyage includes a beautiful sail crossing to the North of Scotland, sailing past Cape Wrath and passing through the Penland Firth or first visiting the Orkney Islands. When wind and weather are favourable, you will do some sightseeing and small distance sailing to see the most of the islands. Then you will continue your voyage to the Netherlands. With possible stops on the Wadden Islands Terschelling and Texel, before finishing the voyage in Rotterdam, where the Tecla will start the race of the classics a day later.
€ 1.680,00€1.425,00

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Sailing season 2017 – Iceland and Greenland

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