Sailing Season 2017 will take you to Greenland!

The Tecla is still enjoying her time in Iceland. And as we like Iceland and her untouched, unspoiled, pure nature so much, we have decided to return and continue exploring in 2017!!

The voyages will cover the same area as we have seen this year, with one really special voyage taking you to Greenland, exploring Scoresbysund. We have just put our new schedule online. In the coming week we will upload the description of all the specific voyages. If you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know!

We have also opened the bookings for 2017. So if you want to be certain of you spot on one of the voyages, you can book or reserve your voyage on board today!

Voyage #EmbarkDisembarkDaysVoyage descriptionPrice 25>yearsPrice 15-25 years old 
T2017-111-apr-1724-apr-1714Amsterdam - Ullapool
Including the Orkney Isles.
€ 1.680,00€1.425,00
T2017-225-apr-171-mei-177Ullapool - Ullapool - Rounding Skye€ 840,00€715,00
T2017-32-mei-179-mei-178Ullapool - Ullapool - St Kilda and the outer Hebrides.€ 960,00€815,00
T2017-410-mei-1731-mei-1722Ullapool - Reykjavik - In Search of Vikings
Orkneys, Shetlands, Faroes.
€ 3.520,00€2.995,00
T2017-51-jun-1714-jun-1714Reykjavik - Isafjordur - Wild Wild West€ 2.520,00€2.145,00
T2017-615-jun-1721-jun-177Isafjordur - Isafjordur - Glowing meadows in Hornstrandir€ 1.260,00€1.070,00
T2017-722-jun-1728-jun-177Isafjordur - Isafjordur - Melting glaciers in Hornstrandir€ 1.260,00€1.070,00
T2017-829-jun-1711-jul-1713Isafjordur - Akureyri - Arctic foxes to the Arctic circle€ 2.340,00€1.989,00
T2017-912-jul-1725-jul-1714Akureyri - Isafjordur - Sailing with whales€ 2.520,00€2.140,00
T2017-1026-jul-1716-aug-1722Isafjordur - Isafjordur - A journey to Greenland - Scoresbysund€ 3.960,00€3.365,00
T2017-1117-aug-173-sep-1718Isafjordur - Reykjavik - Visit to Greenland€ 3.240,00€2.755,00
T2017-124-sep-1724-sep-1721Reykjavik - Ullapool - In search of Vikings€ 3.360,00€2.855,00
T2017-1325-sep-178-okt-1714Ullapool - Den Helder - Visiting the Orkneys€ 1.680,00€1.425,00

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In the meantime they have spotted Humpback Whales on the Tecla!!

This video was shot this afternoon..

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