Tecla sailing out of Hesteyrifjord

Sailing the Tecla

Setting sail on the Tecla is a beautiful challenge. This lady that is over 100 years old has two masts, 6 sails and some heavy spars that need to go up. The Tecla crew has worked on her rigging for years to perfect her sailing qualities. She can sail close hauled or down wind, she can sail in very light weather and she handles well in rough weather. 

Sailing the Tecla means sailing a real classic beauty, but she is dressed for her time and game. The masts are made of wood, with give it the real classic feel, bit her sails are made of Dacron, to withstand all the elements and still sail as fast as possible. The lines are no longer hemp, most of the lines now are Dynema, as strong as steel cable but easier on the hands. 

Before and during your voyage the crew will instruct you on procedures on board. Safety on board will be explained before setting sail and sailing the Tecla will be explained during sailing. You will help setting all the sails, you can help steering and mostly you can be part of this adventure by truly experiencing the elements, enjoying yourself and having the best time in the world. 

We set up a plan with trips every winter. We plan around events and races and set out our program where people can book individually, but also as a group.

The Tecla can take on 16 people (including crew) and can be sailed with a group as small as 8 or even 4 people. We sail with families, companies, groups of friends and we do some work with special projects. 

If you would like to go sailing with the Tecla as a group you can contact us directly and tell us what you are looking for. As a group you can choose to sail with us during one of the trips we have set out, or you can plan a new trip together with us. If you want to go sailing with your friends and family you can choose to do the catering yourself, or you can let us do the shopping and cooking on board.


If you would like to go sailing with your company and you would like to have time on board for meetings and special trainings we can help you make a plan. Let us know when or what you would like and we can offer you special trainers with communication style programs, coaching etc. The trainer will sail with us during the whole trip, or can be asked to come for one day of training in a harbour. The trainers we work with have been on board before and know our routine and work style.

Get to know your family even better, work close together with you friends and enjoy your time together!