Sailing with Whales

T2017-9  Akureyri – Isafjordur – Sailing with whales

12-jul-17 25-jul-17

Price 25> years € 2.520,00           15-25 years     € 2.140,00

Setting sail for the Island Hrisey, the first stretch of sailing on this trip will be amongst north Iceland most rugged mountains. Leaving Hrisey we set sail into the Greenland sea with Grimsey as our next destination. The shallow fjords and coast are uninhabited and rarely visited.

This voyage is the best opportunity to spot whales. As you will set sail around the north West corner of Iceland, you will be able to find the in the open water and even in the fjords. The best months for spotting whales in Iceland are in the summer time. Starting in April all through to September, you will be able to spot Minke, Humpback, Blue whale and maybe even an Orca. There are over 20 different whale species that can be spotted in the North Atlantic.

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This voyage will also take you to Nature Reserve Hornstrandir. Located on the North West corner, it is a unique place to visit. There are no roads for normal cars, so either you walk, or you take a 4×4 to explore the land. The Tecla will be able to get into some of the best fjords, at the bottom of a glacier and get you right to the heart of the Nature Reserve. While stopping in Hornstrandir there will be time for long walks, climbing up to the highest ridges and finding some of the best waterfalls.

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