ships rhythm

After nearly 3,5 weeks on board everybody has pretty much come into the ships rhythm. We work, eat, sleep and repeat, in what ever order is best suited for the places we want to visit. Last night we arrived at Jenny Lind Island, at 04:00 hours, and even though we tried not to wake up the next watch, as they could sleep through while at anchor, some of them did wake up, just because it is the rhythm. Porridge in the morning, at 06:00, in the middle of the 04:00 till 08:00 watch, and at the crew watch hand over, is one of the those rhythm things as well. On days there are no watches, the watch of 04:00 till 08:00 misses their porridge, even though they get to turn around in their bed for a few more hours of sleep.

The Rhythm of the ship is also the violin play by Paul. The singing of the propeller when we are doing a nice speed under full sail and the sound of the generator at 07:00 hours, when we are making coffee and tea, just before breakfast. We have our own little world with which we travel. And right now, that little world is making his way through one of the remotest and most amazing places in this world.

Yesterday we had a beautiful day of sailing. We set top sails and even a mizzen stay sail, doing 8 knots between the little islands, until the wind decreased and the weather changed late at night. We will stay at Jenny Lind for this night, wait for the wind to turn from North West, back into the South South West, before we make our way to Cambridge Bay. Word has it, that there are a few yachts there as well, who have made their way from Pond Inlet as well. We nearly crossed paths with a yachts last night, traveling from West to East. We met a surveillance vessel at M’Clintock bay, but no real traffic other then that. Other that these vessels, there is hardly anybody around.

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