Short visit on Lindisfarne


56’53N 001’30W

335 compas

6kn speed

Even though our stay at Lindisfarne was short it was very welcome. It cuts our trip north in two and gives the winds some time to pick up. Founded in 635 by saint Aiden, the monastery on Holy Island still attracts pilgrims from al over the world. Not without danger is the visit to the Island. The causeway might look innocent but don’t forget to check your tide table… Nearly 200 years after being founded the monks of Lindisfarne got visited by some unruly long haired Norse men. These men where after fame and wealth and found just the place to pass their earthly time before moving on to Walhalla… It turned out to be a turning point in English history as the ruling regents were forced into alliance to fend of these attacks.

As the tide turned so did the winds and we finally got underway at 1400 with a promising breeze on the back stay. Now more then 12 hours later it has dropped to 0 again and we are under steam making good progress to Orkney. Sails are still set as there might be a northerly coming through this afternoon. Whatever happens we are ready!

All is well


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