Singing to the sun

Singing to the sun
We are speeding along nicely with an average speed of 8
knots. The last 24 hours we have done over 205 NM! Cape horn is now at less then
1200 NM and counting down the miles is starting to get more and more exciting.
Imagine a distance half way through the continent Europe and we are getting
excited! The way the Red watch expresses her excitement is a little dance. The
way they express their excitement about another grey day – another grey wet
rainy watch – is by singing! They started off with all the songs they knew about
the sun (and together Emily and Richard can come up with a lot of them!), then
went on with all the best songs for long distance car driving and ended with
songs about the morning, many of which had the sun in them as well.

the sun did not come out to applaud their effort when it got light.. it just got
lighter grey. No showers on the radar so far, but the air itself seems wet. The
White watch gets through the first few grey hours of the watch with lots of tea
and coffee and Virginia tells stories about sailing a yacht to sunny Barbados
and on the other hand there is Gareth saying it could be worse! We could be on
land and it was raining! Living the dream, each morning again.

precious Sunday has come and gone very fast. A beer at dinner, part of the
documentary Earth after dinner and the day was already gone. Monday morning
brings us porridge and maybe this afternoon we will start explaining about
Sinterklaas, for people not from the Netherlands we figured we need a bit more
time to get the concept of Sinterklaas and surprises clear. The 5th of December
we will all put our shoe outside our cabin door and see if Zwartepiet will visit
us out here in the Southern Ocean.

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