Snow fights on the deck

71’24.1N 096’55.0W course 050′ speed 7,5kn

As I walked through the hall way just before watch, I noticed some wet puddles on the floor. In the saloon there were more wet spots as I was pouring my coffee (in my birthday gift thermal cup, thank you again crew) and then someone of the previous watch walked by, but they looked completely dry.. The waves had gotten a lot less during the night, so the deck could not be wet from that.. so my fuzzy brain was confused.. I asked Sue, is it raining? And she started laughing! “NOOO its snowing!! careful on the Starboard side of the deck, its slippery”. And with a big grin she proceeded to head back out.

I warned Sam that there was snow and the look on his face was of a little kid, “what? snow?”. When I got outside, it was very dark, but indeed there was a small layer of snow on the deckhouse, but strangely, or should I say, suspiciously little snow was on the edges and ridges etc. As most know, I value my first cup of coffee, and so I was spared any snow in my face when first walking up (although I did have to tease Gijs and got a snowball on my coffee cup as answer, again thank you crew for the thermal with lid), but Gijs and Tim were waiting for Sam… with snowballs lined up! And once he arrived, the wake up snow fight was on!!

Other then that, steering has been a challenge. With little reverence to steer on, but the flag, our course line looks erratic. Especially in these snow showers! It is very disorienting. We have made our way through James Ross Strait and left the memory of what was said to be ;one of the most flamboyant and handsome men of his era behind and are heading into Franklin Strait now. Surrounded by these names, adventure is easily found here.
We had a heads up from the Estonian crew that they spotted polar bears on Prince of Wales island, so we are heading over for a short look. But as the weather is said to deteriorate quickly over night, we do not want to linger on this side and are heading for Bellot strait and Fort Ross on the East side of Somerset Island.

We have passed Weld harbor where we rested for a night in 2019, after coming out of the ice, which would have been where we are right now. No ice around now, just the form that keeps falling from the sky!

All is well on board, Jet

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