Sooty Albatrosses and more

Wednesday 28-2-2024

57’41s 047’57w

course 060

speed 7kn

With the spectacular departure from Elephant Island still fresh in my mind I woke to a fluffy sky of stratus. The fog that was present for more than 24hrs had lifted. Only a thin layer of grey clouds stood between me and a blue sky! Not a bad prospect. The run so far had been great. But now it was at its best. 10 knots and flying a long. The gentle motion the only thing that reminds me of being on a boat. The look out had been relieved of their duties as visibility was back to normal. Sure enough an iceberg popped up! Stay focused and dont slack up. We are not there yet!

Two Light-mantled Sooty Albatrosses are have found the us. Looking for scraps they are not going to get. Such graceful birds they are. We are on our way to their nesting sights. After a winter circling the polar region they come a shore in October to lay one egg the chick fledge after 180 days, having been looked after by both parents who could be together for decades. ‘…no music could be more apt to that romantic desolation. The very spirit of the place! A chord held silent for a thousand decades while the ice-caps slowly died, and man set foot upon the path that may lead up from barbarism. Surprising that Sooty Albatross calling to his mate in the cliffs can send such ideas running through the mind’ S H Matthews South Georgia 1926

Imagine going to a place like that…

All is well


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