6-2-2023 0530 utc 55’36S 064’31w, course 310, speed 5,5 kn

The strong westerlies quit us and left us scanning the horizon for a sing of the southerlies to come. And they did come! Just as the forecast predicted and at the exact time. Apart from the plunging Barometer, no warning, just a white sky and a white sea. Foam blown of the tops and a hauling sound in the rigging. Of went the Tecla. Happy with her new course and speed. Reefed mizzn and a stay sail where more than enough to average a good 10kn. This front was going to pass quick, so we had to make the best of it. It was hard to lay the mark on Lennox Island in these winds. Simply to much force! Not to worry, the course was better than we had for days, and the sailing was great. It is not often you get to witness the passing of such a frontal system. When after 3 hours the sky’s lifted a beautiful blue emerged! The wind had eased of so we could point a little higher, only to be smacked back in place by the squalls that came rushing through. The pattern became known, and we knew our place, better that way. Just after mid night the winds left us as quick as they came. So here we are again under engine dealing with the chaos the gale left.

A view from the front

One thing is for sure in the Drake, nothing lasts very long! Calculating the miles, we had done the last 10 hours made me smile! just over a 100! Not bad for a little North Sea Herring drifter! It also looks like it is just enough before the next set of westerlies come in. We should be under the lee of the Islands by then and gaining on Puerto Williams!

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