Southern Ocean.

60’26S 067’05W

course 345

speed 8kn

“And while one world diminished, narrowed and disappeared, before us a new world unrolled and neared us to display itself” And so we left the white continent behind us. Trading it for our new home, the vast Southern Ocean. A last glimpse over the stern proves it is real, and then it is gone lost in a snow squall not to return again.

We set out on the back of a low. This is normally the best scenario. The easterly winds, though short lived will supply the much-needed westing. As later forecasts prove to show there is never an easy Drake. Although the wind is fair, we pitch and roll sending the most salty sea-legs scrambling for cover. A deep low is expected to swipe through the area by the 5th. The game is on, peddle to the floor. Decks filled with snow we find the second gear and hurry north. By now the squalls have disappeared and the sun is out once again. The snow a distant memory has all but melted, though in the shade a small patch survived as a reminder that change is always near.

Happy with our current situation and pasta meatball lunch we charge on. The Sooty Albatross cheer us on. Though not as elegant they seem to except us and let us share their space. Slowly the WPT creeps closer. 14 hours before we bare of to the Northeast, probably not out of our own will. Let’s hope the wind shift and WPT coincide and will make for a happy occasion… until then hold fast!

All is well Gijs

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