Spectacular views


64’52N 052’36W
CG 180
SP 7.5
Weather, overcast

Somethings aren’t like the weather… Sometimes the weather is not! Strong to gale force winds expected soon. From the north. Yesterday we anchored at Agqumiut, an abandoned village to the north of Hamborgerland. The views were just spectacular! The snowy peaks in the distance with the setting sun are hard to beat. Why would someone leave this place. The cement foundations for the 10 or so houses were still there. Get some building material and let’s go! I easily forget the hardship involved in a dark winter. The graveyard reminded me of it. In the back of my head, I was thinking of leaving because of the forecast. So hard to imagine a gale will be blowing here in 24 hours. We stayed and left at 0400. It was pitch black when we heaved up anchor. Jorn had to find the way out with a torch! For some hours I was very tempted to tuck in somewhere and sit out the stuff that is coming. Krista picked up speed, so we decided not to. The day after would be worse and by making some miles we gain time to see the sites north of Nuuk. The ice fjord is waiting for us and so are some old Norse settlements! Time to go! Peddle to the floor!

All is well Gijs

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