Speeding through a phosphorescent ocean



Yeahhh!!!!! Yes we doing very well! And unbelievably nice sailing it is. After we passed the last beautiful volcano Islands of the Azores we are alone again, and enjoying it! The wind and ocean are very friendly for us, the last 24hrs we did 136 NM and we had a lot of visits of dolphins, turtles and yes….. whales! This morning we started the watch with some drizzle but after 12:00 o clock, the sun was shining on our happy faces again. She just waved us goodbye and left us with a nice red sky. Unfortunately most people were doing some beauty sleeps, so they couldn’t join this romantic moment with the 4 guys who were left on deck. Everybody is getting in the new watch-rhythm. Even the younger guys (Michael and John)who didn’t find the time to get some rest yesterday are resting now. While I am writing this log Ed and Steven are doing a very good job on the helm and Gijs is shooting stars with the sextant (from here it looks more like bird-watching). Hope we can go on like this for the next few days. tony


Speeding through a phosphorescent ocean The Tecla is speeding along beautifully; wind in our back, surfing down waves, we speed along with 7 to 8 knots through a phosphorescent ocean. I have never seen the ocean so bright during a pitch dark night! The following sea is lighting up the night and gives it a spectacular glow. In the last 24 hour we have done over 165 miles, sometimes we hit the 10 knots going down a wave. At 23:30 we took down the topsails as the wind has been increasing all day long. The wind has also turned more to the West making it possible for us to keep more east then north course. The wind now is about 25 knots from the West South West, our course is 060´ over the ground and our aim is Ireland. If the wind stays like this we might even consider a stop there! Other than a somewhat rocky sea, all is well on board. Steven made cake for everybody during the afternoon, which was well received indeed! 45´42.8N 26’00.1W course 055 degrees, speed 7,8kn

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