Spinning of the miles

Thursday 29-2-2024

Scotia Sea



Nothing beats a 200 nm run, except maybe a 201 nm run… Going has been good! Spinning of the miles towards South Georgia. An hour ago the skies cleared again like they did yesterday. It looks more likely to stay this way now… I ve got the sunscreen ready. Amazing to feel the boat move without any noticeable effort. As appose to the normal lows, we are riding the back of an anticyclone or high pressure at the moment. Being close to where the wind comes from the seas dont build, making live very easy on the high seas. As we are currently sailing on the Scotia ridge we haven’t left the Andes yet… South Georgia is a visible part of this great arc that sweeps between Tierre Del Fuego and the Antarctic Peninsula. It has been the track to follow as it also includes the South Shetlands and South Orkney.

If ever you find your self lost in the Scotia sea, look for the ridge… if you can find it in the fog… We are also still in hot pursuit of Shackelton and his men. They left Elephant Island in their converted live boat and headed out to South Georgia to find help for their shipwrecked crew. It took them 16 days to reach King Hakon Bay and another 36 hours to cross the mountain range to Stromness Hr. We wont attempt the last part of their trip in the boat but might have a go at the last part of the overland track from Fortuna Bay to Stromness. We ll we first have to get there any way. And as is know South Georgia has a will and a way of its own, Im sure we will soon find out!

All is well. Gijs

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