St Kilda and outer Hebrides

T2017-3 Ullapool – Ullapool – St Kilda and the outer Hebrides

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Price 25> years € 960,00                15-25 years   € 815,00

Depending on wind a plan will be made to get to St Kilda. Not necessarily an easy job. St Kilda is an island group situated outside the protective circle of Outer Hebrides. The whole of the Atlantic ends on these islands. Which makes them so unique and one of those places you just have to visit! St Kilda was once inhabited by a population of 75 to 80 people. They maintained the island, kept small sheep and some cattle to live from, but mainly kept busy searching for Puffineggs.

  • Scotland

In 1930 the population had shrunk to 36 people and so the complete community left the island as food was scares and boat connection unreliable. Now you can only visit the islands by boat. On the islands there are still some of the Soay sheep left. But mainly the islands is inhabited by Puffins, Northern Gannets, Leach Petrels and many more birds.

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