Strange weatherVreemd weer

Strange weather
We are having to get used to the weather in the sub tropics
again. The wind has seen all directions again today. We have let down all the
sails due to no wind and flapping, and have set the sails again at 20:00 hours
because the predicted wind seemed to be coming through.. an hour later though..
flap flap, bang, clang, bang, vroemm… Now we are under sail, but with help of
engine through the showers. These showers are something totally different from
anything we experienced and gotten used to during the last months in the
Southern Ocean..

In the Indian Ocean, the Bass Straight and the Southern
Ocean we had come accustomed to the mean, harsh cold fronts. A cloud would come
over, rain would fall, then the rain would start blowing in your face like
nobodies business, then the rain would come past you horizontally as the wind
would increase to a gale force, you would be to your waist deep in sea water and
rain water together to get the sails down and then after an hour or so you would
just be left with a lot of wind.. Here you see a cloud, the wind starts blowing
a little, you reef the sails, the rain hints, big drops come out of the sky like
buckets of water being emptied, they cool you and the ship down a little, you
look at the water confused, waiting for the gale force to come… but then it
doesn’t. When the rain is gone.. so is the wind. Or so the last two days have
been for us! Who knows what lies ahead.

During the day it was hot and a
little too damp. It really felt like it had to rain to clear the skies a little.
The plan was to oil and varnish some more wood, but as we all thought it would
be raining later on, we left it for another day. Enough other small jobs to do!

The Brazilian coast line is slowly changing from sand dunes to
mountainous rocky parts. More and more lights show up on shore during the night
and the fishing boat population seems to get bigger every day as well. Only
about 75 more miles to Florianopolis.

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